Understanding Divorce: Some Endings Are Opportunities For New Beginnings

For many people, going through divorce stirs a variety of emotions. There's a sense of grief, loss, confusion, anger, loneliness and, in some cases, relief. The truth is, each divorce is as unique as the individuals involved.

At Stan Faith Law, we have been helping divorcing couples in Southern Indiana for more than 30 years. We know the challenges facing our clients and surround them with the support and legal resources they need to navigate the process as quickly, quietly and cost-effectively as possible. Ultimately, our goal isn't just to help you finalize your divorce; we are here to help you confidently take the next step in your life.

Putting Your Family First When Resolving Your Family Law Issues

A divorce can affect all aspects of your life, ranging from your work performance and your finances to how you interact with friends and family, as well as the relationships you maintain with your children. As your attorney, Stan Faith can help you keep everything in perspective, check potentially damaging emotions at the door and keep you focused on reaching a civil resolution.

Stan and the rest of our team will provide you with straightforward advice so you can make decisions that best suit your goals. Whether exploring options for resolving your divorce through mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods or building a case for trial, we will sit down with you to discuss:

Many people come to us with questions: How long will this take? How do I keep this quiet? How much will I be asked to pay or can I expect to receive in alimony or child support? The simple answer to these and other questions is that it depends.

The issues involved in your divorce are different from everyone else's. That is why we emphasize the importance of working together to ensure that each action we take advances your case toward the best possible outcome.

When You Reach Out To Us, We Will Answer Or Promptly Return Your Call

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