What Do I Do If I've Been Arrested On Suspicion Of OWI/DUI?

Perhaps you were out with friends for a few drinks and one more turned into one too many. Or maybe you are from Louisville or elsewhere outside Indiana and were arrested on suspicion of OWI (or often referred to as OVWI, DUI or DWI) on your drive back from a night at the Horseshoe Casino. Regardless of how or why it happened, it's important to protect yourself with representation from an experienced, local lawyer.

No One Knows The Local Court System Better Than Our Team

At Stan Faith Law, our attorney and professional staff combine decades of experience helping hardworking people in Southern Indiana stand up to criminal accusations, including OWI/DUI. We know the local courts, the high-traffic areas where the authorities often make arrests, and we know what it takes to build winning defense strategies that protect our clients' rights.

An OWI/DUI arrest is more than just an inconvenience — it can seriously affect you personally, professionally and financially. If you drive for a living or your job requires a commercial driver's license (CDL), an OWI/DUI arrest could strip you of your license and force you out of a job. Even a first-time offense can result in the revocation of your license — rendering you immobile for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, if this is your second or third offense, you are likely facing felony-level charges that carry long-term prison sentences, stiff fines and years on probation.

Lead attorney Stan Faith brings 20 years of experience as a former Floyd County prosecutor and more than 30 years of experience as a practicing attorney. He knows the local laws, area courts and key players in the local legal community. It's this combination of firsthand knowledge and native experience that helps Stan build a strong defense while exploring options for achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

Providing Options For Protecting Your Rights And Getting You Back On The Road

When building your case, we will carry out independent investigations, review the evidence and look for opportunities to protect your rights and reputation. Whether negotiating with the prosecution or building your case for trial, we will keep you fully informed at each step to ensure that we advance your goals.

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case, reach out to us at our New Albany law office by calling 812-748-8244 or by sending an email. We are responsive and will reply to your inquiry in a timely manner. We also accept major credit cards and offer discounted legal services to union members.